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Cheap ralph lauren Fashion Trends for This Fall

Since the past three months, more and more polo ralph lauren fans are talking about the new flagship store on Fifth Avenue, where ralph lauren outlet has big plans for his polo women range. The company produced a first-of-its-kind spectacle for fashion insiders and a few celebrity guests, Kendall Jenner, Nacho Figueras, Ben Stiller, and Karolina Kurkova, among them. Golf carts transported attendees to Cherry Hill, a string quartet played next to a fountain, and uniformed waiters dispensed caramel corn and drinks, but the center of the activity was a water-screen projection smack dab in the middle of Central Park.

Under the light of the supermoon, a fountain began shooting out of the lake, a hidden projector behind it began beaming, and giant holographic images of models clad in the brand's Spring '15 collection began appearing against backdrops as varied as a busy shopping thoroughfare, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a lighthouse with waves splashing around it. And all the while, the real-life brick-and-mortar buildings of Central Park West stood watch in the distance. polo ralph lauren company has experimented with 4-D technology before. When the ralph lauren outlet women flagship opened on Madison Avenue a few years ago, movies were projected onto its facade. But last night which was defined as something new. For one more thing, Inslabelram barely existed back then. When the water began jetting and the hologram materialized, there wasn't a camera phone in the crowd that wasn't flashing, ready to beam the pics around cyberspace.

The clothes themselves took cues from lauren's vast oeuvre. There was a nautical moment; some crisp boy-for-girl tailoring; bright, sporty puffer jackets and vests layered over matching bikinis; and a large section devoted to the designer's long-standing affection for many Americans. Think fringe, serape textiles, and tooled leather. The show finished with a series of models in iconic polo ralph lauren shirts, pony logos blazing above the right chest, which were paired with drawstring-waist ball skirts as comfy-looking as your favorite pair of sweats. These were relatable pieces with the imprimatur of American fashion's most famous name. But on this night at least, it wasn't really about the clothes-projected onto the water screen, they looked slightly blurred. This was a display of the power of the polo brand. Spelled out in those familiar capital letters against the Manhattan skyline, lauren's message came through loud and clear. No wonder the great polo ralph lauren collection will be hot soon